Reflection on CAP 220

You never really think back about something until it’s almost over; same goes for all of my classes. When the semester began back in January, I didn’t really think that I would be sitting at my desk in April, trying to finish up everything and prepare for exams and moving out for the summer.

When I wrote my first blog post, which was about my thoughts about PR, I said that I think of PR as something a company does to reach the public and inform them of something that is occurring within the company. Even after going through the entire semester, I still think of PR this way. However, getting to work with the client on campus and putting together the plan book from beginning to end is a good glimpse into what I could be doing once I graduate from school.

After the first class, even while writing the first blog post, I did not know what to expect. I had heard from other people about the plan book project, but it didn’t really dawn on me that I would have been working on the same project. Even when the client came in and elaborated on the issue they were having, I didn’t expect something like this to be so elaborate.

I have actually enjoyed working on the plan book because, as I stated in my blog for my CAP 105: Tech in Advertising and Public Relations class, I am not the type of person to be interested in reading from a textbook, understanding concepts, and then regurgitating them for an exam. I think that having a textbook with concepts is important, but there are other ways to show that I have an understanding of the material. The ‘Tech in Ad and PR class’ was set up this way, having in class lectures on programs we would be using and then giving us opportunities to use Final Cut Pro and Photoshop to put together a two minute video or edit a photo.

‘Fundamentals of Public Relations’ is the same way; there were lectures, but they were lectures about topics that could be used in the formation of our plan book. Also, having the opportunity to conduct a focus group and put together a survey (even though this was something also done in CAP 115: Research Basics for Advertising and Public Relations), was a good opportunity to have because it allowed me to see the process from beginning to end, planning, conducting, and analyzing the data.

Overall, this class has been a great experience, both in working with a group to accomplish a part of the plan book as well as gaining the experience in putting together a campaign for a client. I feel like, looking back at what I have done for this project so far, that there is no wrong answer necessarily. Even if anything listed in the plan book is not effective, it is worth giving it a try to see if has any effect on the goals of the client before dismissing it and trying something else.

I will be able to take the skills that I have learned from this class, as well as my other advertising and public relations classes, and apply them towards not only future classes I will be taking, but also towards my career after graduation. I can also take the plan book and give copies of it to future employers as an example of what my skills include and what I am capable of doing. I have enjoyed everything that I have done with this class and look forward to seeing where my newly learned skills will take me.



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