Pre-PR thoughts

When I think public relations, I think of something a company does to reach the public and inform them of something that is occurring within the company. I also think of the use of social media as a big part of it, since everyone seems to use some form of social media today. Seeing companies use Facebook or Twitter to promote themselves and reach out to their target audience is probably the most effective way to reach their target audience, if executed properly that is.

Why PR? We, as human beings, are always communicating with people, whether it is when we are at a coffee shop ordering something or getting ready to present on a topic for a class or a big meeting. PR is everywhere and we come into contact with it on a daily basis. We see public relations campaigns when government elections occur, for example.

I think taking this class will help me have a better understanding of public relations as well as be able to take what I have learned and incorporate into my future career. I am going into health communications and I will be communicating with people on a daily basis, most likely in a medical setting (or something similar to a medical setting.) Any of the skills I learn will not only help me in the rest of my studies, but in my career as well. I don’t know a lot about public relations or what it entails and taking this class is going to be helpful.

I’m not sure what I want to do with PR, but, as I said up above, it will be helpful in my future career. I could end up working in a hospital, county health departments, or pharmaceutical sales. I would be communicating with the public and, in order to accomplish this in a timely manner, be able to present the information in a way that gets the message of whatever organization I am working with in a simple, easy to understand way. Also, I would be ensuring that the message is released in a timely manner as it could go along with something that the organization is releasing. For example, if a pharmaceutical company was releasing a new drug onto the market, they would want to inform the public about it.

On top of learning skills needed to be successful in PR, I am also building up my profile. So far I have taken a couple of advertising and public relations classes, all which have included some project for a client (or mock client.) Not only have I learned so much about how to put together a campaign and presentation for a client, I have gained physical examples of my work to hold onto and potentially be able to show a future employer one day.

Every other advertising or PR class I’ve had so far has been enjoyable and I am looking forward to really getting into the material for this class and starting the plan book.


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